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So You Had A Bad Day...

You've been training hard for months, and now this?! Don't panic - read on to discover how to salvage something from your most disastrous dog-walk to date. You’re in the middle of an empty field clutching a fistful of cubed cheese, your throat is hoarse from shouting, and you’re seriously contemplating whether tightening that dog-lead you had flung so nonchalantly around your neck only 10 minutes earlier and calling it all a day might be the only option left worth considering. I feel you. I’ve been there.  I used to be there a lot, now hardly ever at all, but that almost makes it even worse when, all of a sudden, I’m back to being the mad woman in the field, angrily throwing cheese at no-one, whilst muttering unpublishable expletives and trying to figure out if the branches of the nearest tree will  bear my weight. So here's what you're going to do about it: One: Don’t be mad at your dog.  I always say this to people, then last week, when I was deserted by t

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