When Life Hands You Lemons...

The puppy of a German Shepherd with a criminal record and the wayward Labrador lothario that caught her eye, Nova’s genetic footprint had trouble written all over it.  But as she lay sleeping in the palm of my husband’s hand at just 2 weeks of age, there wasn’t a chance she was going to spend her life with anyone but us…  and so it began!

Luckily for her, I happen to be pretty passionate about man’s best friend, and have spent the past two years studying Canine Behaviour in preparation for launching my own dog training business in September 2016.

Despite the countless late nights I’ve had my nose buried in text books, the reams of modern theory I’ve memorised, and the hours of trial and error video footage I’ve produced, analysed, and laughed at, I can honestly say that Nova has taught me the most about how to work through your average dog-owners’ most taxing dilemmas!

So I thank her for all the chewed up furniture, angry neighbours, and sleepless nights… you can’t make lemonade without a few lemons, right?

Now that Nova and I have worked through the basics, we’ll be spending the next year progressing with her Trick Dog qualifications, exploring the world of PAT dogs, advancing her agility skills, and lots more – and it’ll all be charted here, in Nova’s very own fabulous blog!

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