Trick Training: Teach Your Dog To Stand Up And Stand Still

A useful command to have up your sleeve - particularly when it comes to showing your dog, or his all important veterinary check-up!

This week we’re focussing on another of my ‘actually this isn’t entirely useless’ tricks, which is teaching your dog to stand.   This can be a tricky one to teach properly, as many owners attempt to lure their dogs forward out of a sitting position, which leads the dog to believe that the command requires them to take a step or two towards their owner each time it is issued.  Of course, this isn’t really what we want, which is why I don’t teach a stationery stand in this way, but rather ensure the dog stands by kicking their back legs up from underneath them, and keeping their forepaws firmly planted!

A truly stationery stand is a great position to have up your sleeve if you want to show your dog, whether professionally or for fun, as it’s the position the judge will expect your dog to hold whilst it is initially assessed, prior to its circuit of the show ring, and it’s also a great one for a trip to the vets too.  Owning a dog that will stand tall and stand still on command allows your vet to perform a full physical assessment with relative ease.

So without further ado, here is this week’s trick video showing you my method for teaching your dog to stand up and stand still.  A stationery stand may look boring, but it’s a valuable skill for your four-legged friend to possess – and if you take the time to master it, I bet you find yourself calling upon it more than once!


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