Trick Training: Teach Your Dog To Weave Between Your Legs

Learn it as a stationery move, then transform into a super-impressive way to get from A to B with your dog in tow!

Teaching your dog to weave between your legs is not only a great party trick, but it also makes for an impressive-looking transitional move, as once your dog masters the stationery figure-of-eight leg-weave, you can very easily turn this into a clever way of moving from A to B with your dog in tow.

This pretty transition is a fantastic one to have up your sleeve for heelwork to music or freestyle routines, and it’s really not too tricky to teach your dog! Nova loves her trick-training, and she got the hang of the figure-of-8 in a day, and the weave on the move in just a couple more sessions.

All you’ll need to teach your dog this fantastic little trick is a handful of small, smelly treats (I recommend you invest in a good treat pouch that you can wear whilst teaching, so you can dole out the rewards at the right time without too much faffing) a clicker (personally I use a clicker with a wrist strap as it’s easier to control and means it’s always to hand, as accurate clicking is crucial to your dog picking up a new command quickly and easily) and plenty of patience. I would begin working on this trick once your dog has already been exercised, so they’re not bubbling over with excess energy (or is that just my dog?) and remember that short regular sessions are far more effective than long but sporadic bouts of training.

So without further ado, pop on over to YouTube and check out this week’s video for step-by-step guidance on mastering this move – it’s not as tricky as you think!


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