If You Need Me, I'll Be In Here...

Our brand new training room is finally complete and we've big plans to put it to good use in the new year, with a trick-training course you can join for FREE, plus a 100-day training goal we can't wait to sink our teeth into!

Apologies for the absence - whilst there is no excuse for a blog falling silent for as long as this one has, let me show you why we've been so quiet online all the same...

Listen Dog Training has a brand new training room!  I am so thrilled to have finally been allowed (by the long-suffering kids and husband) to take over an entire room of the house, all in the name of canine-based fun.  I wish i had taken 'before' pics to compare to the 'after' pics, but as usual I steam-rolled ahead with full speed, and absolutely no haste whatsoever, and this is the final result:

A  room filled with tasty training treats on tap, oodles of interactive toys and games, filming facilities for our Listen Dog Training videos, and most importantly of all - PLENTY of space for me to prance up and down with the Labrador practising all manner of tricks and routines.

We've already put it to good use as a fantastic filming space for our weekly trick-training course, and in the New Year it will also double up as a consulting space for private clients of Listen Dog Training.  I'm so pleased with it, I  simply had to share... I've spent far too many years drooling over spaces like this on Pinterest to keep it all to myself!

So now the room is complete, it's back to business for Nova and I.

I've big plans for Nova's personal development over the next three months; as part of a 100-day goal, we'll be focussing on honing her obedience so that we can start to layer up some more complex trick routines and performances. Whilst Nova is a superstar at learning individual moves, we've done very little to proof them beyond all proofing (my fault really, I'm always far too keen to move on and teach something new, perpetually astounded by just how quickly she picks up a green command!) and put together some lengthier routines than she's used to.  If I were to describe Nova at the moment, I'd happily say she's a jack of most trades, but a master of very little, and it's refining those tiny details I need to force myself to focus on now. This will include lots of work on impulse control, as well as advancing moves she already knows and adding plenty more to her repertoire.

Nova's biggest flaw is also her biggest virtue, in that she is simply full to the brim with enthusiasm for training - unfortunately sometimes this over-excitement can get the better of her and be massively detrimental to her success... this is something I hope to have turned a corner on, with lots of planning and training between now and April.

If you don't fancy making and breaking the same old resolutions this New Year, and would like to have a go at giving yourself a 100-day goal to sink your teeth into, then you can find out all about it here. I've been a part of this fantastic group of like-minded people for a year now, and the work I've managed to plough through as a result is simply astounding!

If, like me, you've a dog-training goal in mind, then why not join my online trick-training course? It's completely free, with weekly videos, and a certificate at the end if you successfully  teach your dog 10 of the tricks demonstrated, not to mention a friendly online group of like-minded dog-owners, all ready to offer advice and tips on how to progress. Read all about it here.

In the meantime... have a fabulously Merry Christmas, and we'll see you in the New Year! x


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