Trick Training: Bang Bang - Play Dead!

A new favourite for Nova and I - this was great fun to teach and is even more fun to perform!

Wow - we only started learning this trick yesterday and it's already soared straight to the top of my favourites list! Not least because it's nowhere near as difficult to teach as I had envisaged (the big yellow one is not keen on staying still, so faking death was going to be quite a tall order, I thought) but also because it's just hilarious to perform!

All you'll need are a handful of treats (a treat pouch that you can wear is optional, but makes life so much easier!), a clicker, and an enthusiastic dog. Of course, unenthusiastic dogs are great too - they may find playing dead the role they were born for!

This week's tutorial video was filmed across just two short training sessions, both within the space of just one day; at the beginning Nova had never practised the trick, but by the end (as you'll see) she's really got the hang of it!

Check it out and have a go for yourself - if you can master this one, it's a great crowd-pleaser to have up your sleeve!


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