Trick-Training: Teach Your Dog To Wipe Their Feet

It's cold, wet and muddy outside... but fear not, cream-carpet-owners! This week's video tutorial shows you how to teach your dog to wipe their feet - and save your floors!

I love my dogs, I really do. I love their zest for life, limitless energy, and all-consuming desire to be outside.  But do you know what else I love? My cream carpets.  And sometimes, especially at this time of year, I find these two loves somewhat conflicted.  I can’t deny Nova her daily romp in the meadows and out by the lake… but it really is one heck of a swamp out there right now!

Solution? Teaching the dogs to wipe their feet!

I’m a massive fan of practicality, and whilst I’ll happily defend the seemingly ‘useless’ art of trick-training (What good is a dog that can play dead?! Teach her something useful!) I’m also quite pleased when trick-training actually does become beneficial to our day-to-day lives as dog-owners.

So cream-carpet-owners – rejoice! Simply check out this week’s video tutorial and learn how to teach your dog this handy trick, so you needn’t have to fret on the front door step any longer!


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