Trick Training: Tidy Up Your Toys

Sick of picking up after Fido's latest squeaky toy sesh? Now you don't have to - learn to put his OCD on cue, and regain control of your floorspace once more!

This week’s trick is a handy one to know – particularly if you like a tidy house, but can’t always be bothered to chase around after every squeaky, smelly, and garish plaything your dog insists on ditching all over the place!

This fantastic exercise allows you to put your dog’s OCD on cue; in other words – teach your dog to fetch and retrieve their toys, and place them neatly away inside a toy box of your choice.

Was that the doorbell? QUICK! Fido: tidy up! Voila – a hassle-free path to instant cleanliness… and a great job to give your dog whenever they’re getting a little bored. We all know clever dogs need to be kept busy with ‘tasks’ throughout the day, and this is a great one that will keep you both happy!

Check out the video tutorial here.


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